Business Tips from Disney on the Road DC

Tweet Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration Disney on the Road event in Washington, DC.  This one day conference brought together social media moms from around the DC Metro area to experience a little Disney magic while hearing from women entrepreneurs.  While the entire event was fantastic, the […]

Bloggers, They Only Know What We Show

Tweet Last week ended with a bit of a public brouhaha regarding a personal Facebook image post and an incredibly bold – defamatory? – blog post about said photo.  Like flies to sh…like moths to a flame, blog post after blog post began to pop up on both sides of the issue.  I was mulching […]

Brands, Tweets, and Spamming Madness

Tweet During the second semester of my sophomore year of college, I roomed with an awesome girl named Kerri while my best friend was studying abroad.  We loved living together and hanging out with our other friends on the floor, including our friend Jason.  One afternoon I was sitting on my lofted bed while Kerri […]

Content (Curation) Is King

Tweet Last month I wrote “Hands Off Our Content” after a series of alarming examples of big brands stealing content from independent bloggers. The main offender was, the site associated with a new programming block on Nickelodeon that launched last night.  People were shocked.  How was it okay for a major corporation, one that […]

Hands Off Our Content

Tweet UPDATED: 9/15/12 1:30 p.m. ET We have continued to receive information about other images used without permission including this back-to-school image from  You’ll note that the bold text over the picture covers up image owner Stacy’s watermark. We have also heard from NickMom who apologizes, assures us that they are taking this issue […]

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