Wordless Wednesday with Linky: Name that Bottom!!

Can you name that bear bottom?

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  • Oh cute, little Duffy! 🙂 What a great picture!

    Thanks for the linky – Happy Wednesday!

  • I guess I don’t pay enough attention to the bottoms of toys, I have no clue

  • Duffy! I have a photo of that bear with me! hehe

  • I’m afraid I can’t….but it does look soft and squishy. 🙂

  • I can’t but I wanna go there!!!

  • lol, not a clue…
    but its a cute hiney! ha ha

  • Janet

    I recognize that bottom because my husband & I had our pictures taken with Duffy a few weeks ago in Disneyland. My husband proudly wore his “I just hugged Duffy” sticker all day long. Our kids got a kick out of it (they were in a different in the park & thus didn’t get to meet Duffy).

  • Is that a little kids costume? If so I want it! Cute little teddy bum

  • Uh oh. I claim to be obsessed with Disney yet have never heard of “Duffy”… this is the beginning of the end, folks.

  • LOL – where was I when you took that photo? Someone should have snagged one of you taking a photo of Duffy’s bum 😉

  • Erm… not that I make a habit of looking at bear bums… I’m afraid I don’t recognize that one.