I Met the Pope and My Husband was Inducted Into the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Tweet What a week!!! First, I got to meet the Pope, and he was kind enough to take a selfie with me. Check it out!! Then, my incredible husband was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. What an honor! What? Not buying it? The truth is that earlier this week I attended an […]

Bloggers. We Need to Talk.

Tweet I often say that I’m incredibly grateful that social media came into existence long after my high school and college days. By the time I was first asked to update my status, I was a happily married, peacefully boring, stay-at-home mom. This saved everyone in my generation from the incredible embarrassment of acting a […]

I Got Sick of Myself

Tweet When I started blogging, my children were two and four years old. My oldest went to part-time preschool from September through May. My youngest was in diapers. My family lived a state away, and my husband was gone eleven hours a day. My entire existence looked something like this. Pictures taken by children three […]

Why Am I Invisible – A Response

Tweet (originally published 12/8/11 – don’t miss reading comments 46 and 54) Some bloggers check their “stats” weekly daily hourly to see how many visitors have come to their sites, how long they stayed there, what posts they’ve read, how they got there, etc. ¬†For many bloggers, these stats are a constant source of anxiety. […]

Startups, This is How to Score with Bloggers

Tweet In the spring of 1998, I watched my husband ask another girl out on a date. To be clear, he was just my friend from the other side of the hall at the time and not legally bound to me, so it wasn’t as inappropriate as it sounds. I was perched in my loft […]

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