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The Resourceful Mommy blog provides parents with quick and clever ways to help simplify family life. We bring readers everything from parenting advice, to resourceful ways to organize your home, to exciting contests and giveaways.

Family is wonderful, but it can also be extremely stressful. Balancing schedules, meals, and the basic requirement of keeping our children alive can be enough to send any parent into a locked pantry to consume all. the. twizzlers. You know the viral video I’m talking about! We provide a supportive environment, sharing resourceful ideas to incorporate into daily life and help parents maintain their sanity – all while having a little fun!

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Resourceful Mommy specializes in hosting Live Parties! Connect with us on Twitter @ResourcefulMom or on Facebook @ResourcefulMommy. We partner with brands to bring you exciting, fast-paced Twitter Parties & Giveaways, as well as host a weekly Facebook Live segment that provides tips and conversation around the topics of parenting, organization, self care, and more.

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If you would like more information regarding sponsoring a Twitter Party, Facebook Live Party, Giveaway, or Review, please click here to request a media kit and rate card. Or email Amy at Amy@ResourcefulMedia.com

About Amy Powell

Amy Powell is the managing partner and content creator at ResourcefulMommy.com. She has applied a proven set of strategies to build and grow online communities, and develop value for the community members and the brands she represents.

Amy is a Jesus loving, forty-something wife and mom who lives in Michigan with her husband, two teenage sons, and two boxers. She enjoys writing, reading, binge watching Netflix, hiking, camping with her family, spending time exploring the D, and has a faddish craft beer obsession that has transformed her into a total beer snob.

She spends her days organizing family schedules, chauffeuring her teenage children around Southeast Michigan, and letting her dogs in and out of the back door. Between these important mom duties you can find Amy across the web, posting about family life, travel, and local cuisine on Instagram, hosting Facebook Live parties every Tuesday on the Resourceful Mommy Facebook page, or on Twitter tweeting about resourceful tips, deals, and giveaways or attending and hosting Twitter Parties. Come join the fun!

Meet the Powell Family

The Powell Family is the life of the party on Resourceful Mommy, the wonderful, quirky, beautiful people that provide the inspiration and subject matter for the content you consume throughout our virtual footprint.

The Powells are an active family who like to spend their time together out and about, running or hiking trails, biking, kayaking or canoeing, or spending the day at the beach. When they’re not outdoors you can find them arguing over what to watch on Netflix or playing Euchre at a local brewery. (Don’t worry, they brew pop too!)

The Hubs

Jesse is the leader and inspiration of the Powell family. He and Amy have been married since 2002, and continue to navigate through their marriage and parenting journey together with heavy sarcasm, silly humor, and a lot of grace. Jesse is an avid runner, and running influencer on Instagram @UglyFinish. He’s dedicated to his family and training and chases after enormous goals, medals, and belt buckles.

The Boys

Owen and Carson are two, completely opposite, active teenagers. Their only common interest is watching their mom lose her crap, it’s a universal kind of funny (especially at the dinner table). Owen enjoys running cross country, swimming, and his favorite video game is Call of Duty. Carson loves baseball, basketball, hanging out with friends, and his favorite video game is Fortnite.

The Boxers

Molly and Forest run the household. Most days, you will find them lounging on the couch, staring out the front picture window. Molly lives for coming in from the out to receive her entitled treat and Forest enjoys chasing squirrels, rabbits, and lights on the wall.

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