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The Resourceful Mommy blog provides moms with quick and clever ways to help simplify family life. We bring readers everything from great parenting advice to resourceful ways to frugally decorate your home to exciting contests and giveaways.

Family is wonderful, but it can also be extremely stressful. Balancing the schedules, meals, and the basic requirement of keeping our children alive can be enough to send any mom into a locked pantry to consume all. the. twizzlers. You know the viral video I’m talking about! We provide a supportive environment, sharing resourceful tips to simplify daily life and help moms maintain their sanity – all while having a little fun!

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Amy Powell

Amy Powell is the managing partner and content creator at ResourcefulMommy.com. She has applied a proven set of strategies to build and grow online communities, and develop value for the community members and the brands she represents. Amy lives in Michigan with her husband, two teenage sons, and two boxers. She loves to hate running, enjoys camping with her family, spending time exploring the D, and has a faddish craft beer obsession that has transformed her into a total beer snob.

Amy is also the founder of UglyFinish.com, a running blog and MakeHimKnownAtHome.com, a site dedicated to helping families with teenage children connect to God’s Word and to each other.

Connect with Amy

When Amy isn’t posting on Resourceful Mommy, you can find her across the web at the following links:

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