Resourceful Mommy Twitter Party Calendar

Thank you for visiting our Twitter Party Calendar! Twitter Parties are a great resource for winning great prizes, learning about new products or services, and having some fun through topical and informative conversations online. We’re looking forward to partying with you!


Twitter Party FAQ

What Is a Twitter Party?

A Twitter Party is a live chat using the Twitter platform and the Hashtag search feature to connect participants to the conversation stream. During these topical conversations, participants answer conversational questions, fun trivia, or even join in an online scavenger hunt. Often, side conversations related to the topic emerge among the guests, and many participants use the parties as a chance to engage with brands they love or brands they’re just meeting for the first time.

How Does a Twitter Party Work?

By tweeting with the same hashtag, or # sign followed by a keyword, all tweets following the same topic are searchable. All tweets using this hashtag can then be located via search and appear in conversation format, much like chat rooms of the past.

Why Is a Twitter Party Beneficial?

Create a buzz around your product or service through a topical and informative conversation on Twitter. Twitter Parties help advertisers and brands launch new sites, products, platforms and more, using a panel of experts to drive a topical and informative conversation. Twitter Parties provide authentic engagement between brands and their target audiences and usually include fun prizes, as well as great conversation, and valuable resource sharing.

How do people participate?

  1. Step One – Open a Twitter Account: While anyone can watch what is occurring on Twitter by going to and searching for a party hashtag, in order to participate you must have a Twitter account to contribute your “tweets” or posts of 280 characters or less.
  2. Choose a Twitter Platform: A great platform to use during a Twitter Party is Twubs allows you to sign in using your existing Twitter account, shows you all of the tweets in the hashtag you’re following, and automatically adds that hashtag to your participating tweets.
  3. Tweet! Guests are often asked at the beginning of the event to follow and keep an eye on the host, sponsor, and guest expert. Participants can feel free to ask them direct questions by tweeting with their “@”. For example, anyone wishing to speak to me would tweet: “@ResourcefulMom This is the question that I have. #topichashtag”

How can the brand engage?

Twitter parties are a great time for brands to dispel myths, answer questions, and introduce new products. Don’t be afraid to jump into conversations and answer your @ replies directly.

What is the role of the host or hostess?

The host or hostess is key to the party’s success because they not only draw in the audience, but also guide the conversation, act as the brand’s advocate, and award prizes throughout the party.

How are prizes awarded?

Prizes are generally awarded throughout the party, often with a grand prize in the final moments of the event. Winners are chosen based on a variety of criteria including RSVP, participation, trivia questions and more. Our research at Resourceful Media has shown that guests prefer to be chosen at random based on participation in the event.

Is there a script?

Some hosts like to use a full script, but our polls have demonstrated that participants quickly pick up on the unnatural flow that a full script causes. At Resourceful Media we prefer to create a Run of Show that highlights conversational questions, giveaways, and key promotional points.

How do I book a Twitter Party?

Ready to learn more? Email [email protected] for more information.