Add this calendar to Outlook by taking the following steps:

Click on Google Calendar button at lower right of Amy’s calendar on

That will bring up your Google calendar (or log in/sign up page). Once you see the actual calendar, on the left sidebar you will see “other calendars” it will list ResourecefulMom Twitter Party Calendar. Under that click SETTINGS link.

On the next page, click the link that again says “ResourcefulMom Twitter Party Calendar”

On this page click the GREEN “ICAL” button and a box will pop up that contains a link

Right click on that link and copy link

In Outlook, open your calendar view and RIGHT CLICK on “My Calendars” and select ADD CALENDAR

Select FROM INTERNET and now paste that link you copied into the box and select ok

You will now have another calendar added – you can right click on the tab of it and select OVERLAY if you want to view them all together as well.

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