And Then a Puppy Saved the Internet

I know the world can be a really ugly place.  I get that people all have “stuff,” and sometimes that makes them behave like evil disgusting insane unhappy people.

I get it.

But I don’t always see it.  Except that lately I’ve seen a lot of it, mostly because it’s been thrown in my face.

And then one day on my Facebook newsfeed I saw a puppy napping with a baby.

I know, I know, the Interwebz are filled with kittehs asking for cheezburgers and grumpy felines and yes, even silly puppies doing silly things.  But this was so clearly something more.  The pictures were being uploaded each day by my friend Jessica while her son, Beau, napped with their brand new puppy, Theo.  I followed the puppy adoption because like many of you, I’ve got some puppy lust with a side of baby fever.  And Jessica wasn’t sugarcoating any of the puppy process for her friends.  We knew the good (oh my golly, that face) and the bad (puppy poop + an air vent = the bad).  But beyond just wanting to know how the puppy integration was going in Jessica’s home, these co-napping pictures immediately stole my heart.  Every day Jessica would upload a new one – even uploaded a Vine video of Theo snuggling into place one Beau had fallen asleep – and the daily pics became so popular with Jessica’s followers and friends, that she wrote a post sharing their story.

And then that post went viral.

Here is where I need to pause to clarify two things.  1.) I don’t mean that it went viral like when some people say they get content to go viral shortly after they’ve also introduced themselves as a social media ninja.  I mean that it actually went viral, and I watched in amazement as the same content was shared on my blogging pals’ feeds and my non-blogging pals’ feeds. And then EVERYWHERE.  2.) I hope she doesn’t mind me saying this, but Jessica is the type of person you just want to cheer for.  She is that class president who is also beautiful and talented and when she wins Homecoming Queen you actually clap and tear up because you sincerely want to see her win.  And oh yeah, she takes some of the most amazing pictures I’ve ever seen anywhere.  Her pictures of her move to California were so stunning that they made me want to live at the beach.  And now I want a dog.  Damn it.

The point is this.  This week the Internet took two things – incredible talent,  and love between two beautiful, innocent creatures – and as a collective, as a community, it celebrated them.  So much has been said about mob mentality.  But you know what?  Sometimes they get it right.

If somehow you haven’t turned on any morning TV this week or looked at Facebook or glanced at your smart phone and missed it, go meet Theo and Beau.  You’ll be so glad you did.

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  • I may well be one of the few who missed on out on the whole Theo and Beau phenomenon. Thank you for sharing Amy. Warmed my heart.

  • I saw it in my facebook feed and between the baby, the puppy and Batkid, I think the world needs a lot more stuff like like that.

  • Do I thank you or curse you for making me cry at work? The photos on her site are unbelievable. Thanks for sharing the story Amy!

    • You and your entire company make me cry at work AND on vacation so consider this fair play 😉