Wordless Wednesday: April Come She Will


I have a crazy case of spring fever, so much so that when I take down my Valentine’s decorations today, I’m going straight for my forsythia door wreath.

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  • Sara @Doodle741

    🙂 Come visit! It’s spring-like here! We washed the cars last night and we have a chance of rain (and high 70s) all week!

  • Oh man, I hope spring will come soon! We have a tease of spring in NJ this Friday….65 degrees!!!! Whoop whoop!

  • SO pretty! I can’t wait to make my flower boxes. The new house is perfect for them!

  • Oh! Gotta love that burst of color! So pretty.

  • I am so ready for spring!!!

  • Yesterday I had a post about my spring fever. It’s been nice here this week and I hope it continues to warm up!

  • I hate to bring you down, but it’s been cold in Florida. I’m hoping that it warms up for Disney Social Media Moms. We need spring here too.

  • I have Spring fever, too. Do you know it’s been a few days that it’s been in the 60’s here? And 2 of those 5 days have been spent sick as a dog inside? In THIS weather? Argh!! I could be running in it! I could be visiting the park! Basking in the sunshine! Doing outdoorsy, yay-for-not-being-sucky-cold-weather things!


    Is it spring yet?

  • I can not wait for spring. It is supposed to be 70 here by Friday, but then drop down into cold temps again. Such a tease! Let’s just hope the groundhog was right this year!

  • How pretty! I cannot wait for spring either. I am thinking of taking all my winter decorations down just to make myself feel warmer 🙂

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  • I am so mad that I am in the office right now!

  • Hang in there. It’s almost spring!

  • this is such a beautiful picture

  • Gorgeous! I made a mistake on the link 15. Would you please remove it?

  • 0000000000000000000 You go girl! Me too! I even took our dog for a walk today or should I say she took me for a walk! I have a large black lab we call “Baby”!

  • SO pretty. Can’t wait for Spring here! NEED it to hurry!

  • Love the color effect! Just looking at it makes me wish it was already spring.

  • Oh… I guess you might be kind of sad to see my wordless wednesday which starts with our first new flowers.
    Or maybe the West Coasts early spring will give you hope that yours is just around the corner.
    🙂 It is!!!

  • wait, is that your forsythia now? now i’m thinking mine are dead. they don’t look like that!

  • Oh, I am with you on that one. I can’t wait for Spring to come.