Wordless Wednesday with Linky: My Daughter, the Trucker

I can’t look at this picture of my seven year old daughter without thinking that she looks like the guys I used to see at the truck stop on our way to go camping at the lake…

Wordless Wednesday Linky

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  • You are too funny. She looks like a cute little girl after a long day outside. 🙂

  • She looks adorable! I love the long braid down her back!

  • Mitch

    Hey, they make good money!

  • Happy WW!
    I can’t wait for the weather to be nice enough to hang by the water in short sleeves.
    The weather here can’t make up its mind. (maine)
    Have a great day!

  • Love the photo and how focused she seems to be. I think I recognize that hat too 😉

  • As the mother of a 14 year old I would like to say…you are going to miss these days. I just bought my daughter a dress for the 8th grade “dance” and I think her father is going to be shocked when he sees her all dressed up like a young woman. She’s taller than me now!

    You daughter is adorable. Such a cute moment to capture.

  • There’s NOTHING like a little girl rocking a backwards bsaeball cap!! (Maybe I think that way because I have 2 boys :D) See them in today’s WW at DIStherapy…

  • Haha! There were many days of my youth that I could have been mistaken for a trucker myself.

  • i love that photo, and she will one day too when she looks back on the trucker days!

  • You are too funny, you must have been at nice truck stops if they guys all wore Disney hats, LOL! This cracked me up because it kinda looks like the way my long haired husband must look like from behind when he wears his ESPN hat!