Rise of the Resistance Virtual Queue FAQ

Since the opening of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios on December 5, there has been epic level anxiety over the ride boarding groups, otherwise known as the virtual queue.

Friends, I am with you! My family is heading to the parks over the holidays, and while I got to experience the new anchor attraction with no wait during a media preview, that will NOT be the case when I return with my troops. I’m not going to lie – I’m freaking out a little that my family will miss this amazing ride!

Just a resourceful mom and some stormtroopers, hanging out.

Even though I’ve already written a Rise of the Resistance: What You Need to Know Before You Go post, I’m not messing around, folks. I wanted you to also have a post dedicated to the Rise of the Resistance virtual queue.

Rise of the Resistance Virtual Queue FAQ

1. When will I be able to join the virtual queue and receive a boarding group assignment?

You are able to join the virtual queue and receive a boarding group assignment after your MagicBand or ticket has been scanned at the park entrance. You cannot join the virtual queue from the parking lot or the shuttle bus or the funnel cake stand over at the boardwalk. Your ticket must be scanned into Disney’s Hollywood Studios before you will be able to join the queue.

2. Can I make dad wake up early and head into the parks to get the whole party into a boarding group?

Sadly, no. I know. This was my plan, too. But it’s no bueno, my friends. Every member of your party that plans to ride the ride must have scanned their tickets in through the park gates in order to be added to a boarding group.

3. Am I stuck in Hollywood Studios all day if I have an end-of-day boarding group assignment?

First of all, let’s talk about that word “stuck.” You can enjoy all that Disney’s Hollywood Studios – especially Galaxy’s Edge! – has to offer.

But I get it. If you’re there before dawn to get a boarding group assignment, you probably aren’t going to want to stay there all day if you’ve got a park hopper ticket. I’ve got good news for you! You do NOT need to stay in Hollywood Studios all day in order to hold your spot in the virtual queue. Feel free to hop and then when your boarding group gets called, make your way back to DHS. You have two hours to make it back to your boarding group queue. Plenty of time to reach the park from anywhere else in the World!

4. What happens if the My Disney Experience app on my phone isn’t working that day?

This is totally going to happen me. It’s okay! Head to Guest Services and they will help you enter the virtual queue without the use of your temperamental smartphone.

5. How early do I have to arrive to make it into the virtual queue?

I’ve been hearing that all virtual queue slots are full hours before the park has even opened because folks are being allowed through the turnstile and onto Hollywood Boulevard. However, Disney Parks has announced that this will no longer be the case. While guests will be allowed to enter the park early and wait behind the ropes on Hollywood Boulevard, the virtual queue will not open until the published park opening time. Be sure to get there early, perhaps an hour or more before opening time. Oh my heart, may the force be with you.

6. If I make it into a boarding group, does that guarantee that I’ll get on the ride?

Unfortunately, there is never any guarantee that any guest will get to experience any ride. There’s no way to guarantee that there won’t be technical difficulties. I plan on letting my kids know that we will do our best to make it onto the ride and have fun regardless. After all, a disappointing day at Disney is better than a good day anywhere else, right? Ignite the spark! Light the fire!

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  • Emily D

    Oh all good Info to be prepared! #RiseoftheResistance

  • Tiffany Schmidt

    This is the first virtual queue right? I’m sure there will be kinks to be worked out, but it sounds like a fantastic idea!
    I can’t wait to hear your updates after you and the fam experience it!

    • Amy Lupold Bair

      I think so, Tiffany! They’ve used them for other things, like entry into that part of the park, but I don’t think they’ve ever done it for a ride. Fingers crossed we get on!!