Worry-free Holidays with DairyPure Milk

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In our family, the holidays are a group effort. Each branch of the family gets involved and cooks their specialty dishes, then we all gather together to celebrate the season. While I’m not responsible for the main courses, my grocery shopping list grows exponentially during the holidays and I’m always on the lookout for quality ingredients to serve my loved ones.

According to a survey by Wakefield research, I’m not alone in my quest to serve my family the very best. 71% of those surveyed* said that they frequently worry about the purity or quality of the milk they serve to their children.

This season, you’ll find a new addition to the dairy aisle when checking off your holiday grocery list. DairyPure – available in whole, 2%, 1%, skim/fat-free, and cream varieties – comes fresh from your local dairy and can be found in dairy cases nationwide.


DairyPure milk is the only milk backed by an exclusive Five-Point Purity Promise. All DairyPure milk:

  1. Contains no artificial growth hormones
  2. Is tested for antibiotics
  3. Is continually quality tested to ensure purity
  4. Only comes from cows fed a healthy diet and
  5. Is cold shipped fresh from your local dairy

That’s the kind of quality I’m looking for as I’m shopping to feed the people I love!

Whether you’re cooking for a crowd or just feeding your immediate family for the holidays, here are some easy tips to make your holiday preparation easier:

  • Plan Ahead – Start ahead of the holiday season to avoid feeling rushed. Create menu plans and research recipes ahead of time so that you’re not scrambling at the last minute. Plan for quick breakfasts, like cereal and milk, for big cooking days. As 41% of those surveyed* said cereal and milk reminds them of childhood, it’ll be a nostalgic hit!
  • Make Lists – Shopping lists, prep lists, and task lists are your friend! When you write down everything you need or have to accomplish, you’re far less likely to forget something important. Take into account who will be joining you for each meal. Keep in mind that 65% of people asked* said that they drink milk most often at breakfast when making your shopping list!
  • Prep Early – Wherever you can, start prepping early. Chop and measure vegetables and store them in the fridge, ready to go. Assemble casseroles ahead of time and freeze to pop in the oven. This will help cut down the kitchen clutter as you’re getting ready to gather around the table.
  • Ask for Help – Rally the troops to help get everything done! Older kids can help in the kitchen, while younger ones set the table. Teens that are of driving age can do last-minute grocery store runs for forgotten items. And don’t forget, the cook should NEVER have to do the dishes!
  • Stock Up on Staples – It’s easy to forget that you still have every day meals to plan while getting things ready for the holidays! Be sure to have plenty of staples, such as bread, sandwich meat, and DairyPure milk on hand to make your regular meals easy. 82% of people surveyed* said they’d make a separate trip to the store for milk, but if you plan ahead and stock up, you won’t have to!
  • Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor –Be sure to save yourself a special treat for all of your hard work! Join the 91% of respondents* who said that milk goes best with something sweet, like cake.


Want to learn more about DairyPure’s five-point promise and find out where you can purchase? Visit DairyPure.com. And be sure to check out their Facebook and Pinterest pages for great recipe ideas!


What’s your best tip for making holiday cooking a little easier?

*According to recent survey by Wakefield Research.

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