World Vision: My Heart is in Bolivia

Early last summer I noticed in the church bulletin that a mission group was planning a trip to an orphanage in Africa.  Our church is very active in mission trips throughout the year both in the states and abroad, but something about this particular mission called to me.  My heart began to race.  I always knew that I would eventually want to do mission work, but it finally felt like the right time. My kids were old enough to be without me for that amount of time, and this particular mission seemed like a great fit.

Then I saw that the date coincided with a conference where I was already committed to speak.  I chose to pass on the mission trip.

Fast forward to this year.  I had once again committed to speak at that same summer conference when I received an email from World Vision asking if I would be interested in hearing more about traveling with them to Bolivia to learn more about the work that World Vision is doing in schools, kids clubs, moms clubs, farms and churches there.  Excited, I replied that I would love to join the group and quickly received a reply with the dates.

The mission trip coincided with the conference again.

I questioned my decision – both of them – to follow through with my commitment to attend the conference instead of going on the mission trip.  Was this opportunity to deepen my own faith and those of others being placed directly in my busy path for a reason?  Was the choice that I was making somehow a test that I was failing repeatedly?  Anyone who knows the story of how I came to blogging knows that I believe being placed on this professional path was a gift from God, so the idea that I was now being asked to choose between an important professional event and mission work – twice – was confusing.

I’m still working through that struggle as well as others faith-related, and for that reason while I’m traveling to San Diego this week, in many ways my heart will be in Bolivia with the World Vision bloggers. Yesterday a team of eight bloggers flew to Bolivia along with World Vision representatives to tell the stories of children and families impacted by World Vision’s child sponsorship program through their own eyes and to find hundreds of more sponsors for the children of Bolivia.

You can join me in following their trip on the World Vision blog, and please consider joining me in spreading the word about the trip! Bloggers can find everything they need to spread the word on the World Vision Bolivia trip page.  I’m hoping that one day the timing will be right for me to share with others around the world, especially children, the faith that has so deeply changed my life, but in the meantime my heart is in Bolivia as are my prayers.  Thank you for joining me in supporting this team of bloggers!
Sponsor in Bolivia

Written by: Amy

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