Wordless Wednesday with Linky: Through the looking glass…

My daughter and I on our first trips to Disney: riding the monorail, meeting the mice, flying on an airplane (left: 1981, right: 2008).

Wordless Wednesday Linky

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  • So very cool that you have almost the same pictures! Isn’t it fun to look back at past Disney trips?!

    • Amy

      Isn’t that crazy!? I had tons from my first trip with my daughter, but my parents didn’t take that many on our trips. I’m glad I was able to find those matches, and our hair is even styled the same way in the mouse shots!

  • I love your photos and tweets about Disney, I can’t wait until we can take our family there. My husband said with all of my blogging trips I OWE him big!

  • This is amazing. I love it!!! The pictures are amazing.

  • this makes me want to go to disney
    hope you enjoy my post
    happy thanksgiving

  • Looks like great fun!

    Happy WW 😀

  • Wow! That must be so much fun to see another first visit, this time through your daughter’s eyes. So great you have those pics!

    • Amy

      I wish I had dug those pictures out back in 2008 when we went. It’s fun to see them now, though 🙂

  • Cute pics – thanks for the linky. Following you.

  • Cute pics – thanks for the linky.

  • What a great post. Love how you combined her trip and yours. Too Cute!

  • Omigosh, your daughter looks just like you! I can’t wait until I’m old enough for a Disney trip…

    • Amy

      I didn’t even realize it until I put the pics side by side. Crazy.

  • Aww, so cute!

  • Your daughter is your twin 🙂 I am looking forward to taking my 5 yr old to Disney

  • Amy, those are amazing pictures. Love the 80’s style photos. I posted some from back and need to get some new ones up from my trips while in diapers. Some interesting photos on pontoon boats in the Lagoon and some of the old water parks.