Wordless Wednesday…on Thursday

Two year old preschool Emma meets six year old first grader Emma…

All day long yesterday I was sure it was Thursday.  My internal calendar was completely out of order and I went about my day accordingly.  Today?  I was so sure it was time for Wordless Wednesday that I sat down to write this post, completely unaware of how ridiculous that would be.  Thankfully, I caught my mistake in time to update the post title, and I hope that you will still link your Wordless Wednesday images here so readers can check out your beautiful, funny, crazy, loving, completely out of order and upside down lives as well.


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  • Oh my, it’s frightening how time flies. Sometimes I feel as though I’ve been left behind.

  • Thanks! I’ll add this to my list of Wordless linky sites.

  • Wow, that’s amazing! That’s a good idea to create a montage throughout the years.

    • Amy

      I considered posting the pictures of her standing at the pantry door to be measured. Those were crazy, too!

  • Your life sounds completely like mine this past week. Upside down… Love the pink clothes and purple backpack trend. So adorable! Isn’t it amazing watching them grow? I found so many photos of the kids when they were younger during our move last week. Priceless…

    • Amy

      Congrats on the move!! We’re moving the end of the month and I’m finding myself to be excited, sad, joyful, scared….SO many things! Are you settling in to the new place yet? I’m trying to prepare myself for months of being at least a little bit upside-down. Good to see you, friend. 🙂 We’ve got to get ourselves to the same conference again soon! (I’m going to Type-A Mom and BWE…see you there?)

  • Lol! Don’t worry, you re not alone, I’ve been a day behind all week too! I blame it on first week of school chaos! How sweet is that picture! I always go back and look through our kids past year pics of the first day. How time flies by!
    Happy Wordless…. Friday! 🙂

  • Adorable! Happy late WW! I see you are a Chuggington Conductor too … yay!!

  • Look how much she’s grown!! What a big girl!

    I mixed Wednesday & Thursday up this week too, not in bloggy world, but in other stuff! Too much on my mind.

    Thanks for the linky 🙂

  • Isn’t it amazing how quickly they grow up? I was able to snap a picture of T on the first day of high school last week, but I had to modify it to post it on my blog per his instructions LOL – go take a look: