Wordless Wednesday: A Tale of Two Totems

Last weekend we went on a super surprise getaway to Walt Disney World to recharge our batteries before the holiday season slipped away from us.  I was thrilled to get the last room available at the Wilderness Lodge thanks to a cancellation and my persistence on WaltDisneyWorld.com.  Because the Wilderness Lodge was where we stayed the first time we took our kids to Disney in 2008 – two years to the day, actually – it holds a sentimental place in my heart.  One night during that trip in 2008, Noah had had enough.  At two and a half, he certainly enjoyed Disney.  But by the end of the week, he was tired and, well, pretty much over it.  During a meal in the Lodge, he simply sat and cried, refusing to eat.  I grabbed a couple bites from my plate and whisked him away for some exploration and mommy time.  We spent part of our evening posing around the Wilderness Lodge for silly and fun pictures, including the picture on the left of Noah standing in front of his favorite totem pole.

Last  weekend when we returned to the Wilderness Lodge, I wanted to snap a picture of Noah in the exact same location to see how much he has grown.  Looking at the side by side comparison, I cannot believe how much my “baby” has grown up in the two years between our visits to the  Wilderness Lodge. I knew his curly head would now be above the bear’s chin, but to also see that his baby face has been replaced with a big kid smile, his two year old tummy now a lean, mean running machine…I’m so happy that we took this time to visit Disney again and not only celebrate time with family, but also remember those magical days in the past.

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Written by: Amy

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