Wordless Wednesday: Summer Harvest

We found our home last August right before heading to the lake for a few days. As we drove around on the boat, I kept picturing the gorgeous flowers, the kids playing in that yard, me working on that deck. When we got back home, we put in an offer immediately.  We moved in in October and all winter long I waited to find out what spring flowers were hiding beneath the snow.  March arrived and our street blossomed with daffodils and crocuses, my flower beds still brown.  It turns out that the previous owners only planted a summer garden, so while I plan on fixing that this fall, I’m happy to finally be enjoying our summer harvest of daisies and phlox, hydrangeas and tall grasses.

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  • What vivid colors! The flowers are beautiful!

  • Gorgeous!! I need to take notes on your summer garden because we only have a spring garden and now it’s dead and brown.

    • Amy

      We could switch! You tell me what you planted for the spring, and I’ll tell you what’s in my yard for the summer!

  • Oh my Amy, those are amazing shots. We have bunnies that keep attacking all of our flowers once they bloom.

    • Amy

      There was one really big bunny that we saw hanging out in our yard for awhile, but then we saw a fox. Now the bunny is, um, gone. Oops.

  • Really beautiful and such great pictures of it all!

  • These pictures are amazing!! And wow,what a stunning garden!

    • Amy

      You need to come over and see it in person! There’s a great view from my deck where there are also chairs and glasses of cold white wine…

  • My hat is off to anyone that can keep such beautiful flowers blooming! So far the only thing I can grow are tomatoes, zucchini and cucumbers LOL

    Flowers dies way too easily 🙂

    But those photos, amazing! They are so pretty! I can almost smell them!

  • Stunning! I’m almost green with envy.

  • Those blooms were worth waiting for, though! So pretty.

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  • Your flowers are so beautiful! And plentiful! I can imagine you out there on the deck plugging away and enjoying the sight and fragrance of those gorgeous flowers!

  • What beautiful flowers! LOVE!

  • Goodness those are some pretty posies and pics of pretty posies. I love how you captured the butterfly & the bee at work.

    • Amy

      I captured them from a safe distance. Thank you, zoom. 🙂

  • So gorgeous! We’ve had such a dry summer here that everything is just brown and ugly!

    • Amy

      Our property slopes from front to back with the common land/run off area back and to the side. For that reason the back half of our backyard stays perfectly wet for the flowers. We are so fortunate!

  • Those are gorgeous photos. Talk about Wordless Wednesday…you took my breath away!