Wordless Wednesday – Purple Surprise

Earlier this week I glanced over to where my tiger lilies had been, their flowers long since fallen in this late July heat, and I saw a glimmer of bright purple.  When I pushed aside the long green stalks from the lilies I found an exotic plant that I certainly did not put there.  As the petals began to wilt, I decided it was time to bring this purple surprise in to brighten our house, if just for a couple of days.  I’ll never know how a gladiola landed along the neglected area of my yard, but I hope it returns next year!
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  • Very pretty. Bringing flowers and color in is such a mood lifter.

  • Glads are bulb plants, so very likely you will see it again as long as you didnt dig it up 🙂

    • Amy

      Yes, I’m thinking that it may have somehow become mixed in with the tiger lily bulbs that made their way here from my mom’s garden. She isn’t taking credit, but that’s the only explanation I can think of. Squirrels likely would not have chosen the end of a row of flowers. 😉

  • Wow – I’m the first one!! I’m NEVER the first one.

    Yay me!



  • What a pretty flower! Thank you for the linky.

  • Beautiful! Thanks for the linky!

  • Very pretty. I love surprise flowers like that! Our first house we had a gorgeous bush with these amazing flowers that popped up in the spring. We had no idea it was there when we moved in.

  • Love when surprises like that happen. We have had a few flowers pop up like that as well.

  • Those are very beautiful. I love glads, I planted them at my old house, I’ll have to plant new ones for next year at our new house

  • That flower almost looks like an Amaryllis that we buy at Christmas time.
    Very pretty!

  • Beautiful! A surprise from God!

  • Oh, I love Gladiolas! Now I want to plant these in my yard!

  • That is stunning, Amy!

  • Cheryl

    I’m in awe of the flower and your ability to get flowers to grow without trying. I kill plants and flowers just by looking at them in my yard. The flower is beautiful and my favorite color.

    • Amy

      We have an area in our yard that gets amazing sun from the south. My guess is that the previous owner must have had a garden there at some point, because the soil is amazing. Even the grass grows faster than the rest of the yard! Bonus? The water seems to pool there so even when it’s hot and dry, that area stays fertile. That’s what helped that random flower appear – certainly nothing I did 🙂 I’m just lucky to have found it! Ha!

  • that is beautiful!
    thank you for sharing it with us

  • that flower is so pretty. funny the things that can find us, huh?
    all linked up!

  • crystal

    very beautiful. it is a bulb and they die of and grow back every year it is like a suprise cause u dont know that they are there untill the sprout again.