Wordless Wednesday: My First Digital Photos

While poking around for a fun Wordless Wednesday picture, I came across the very first digital pictures I took in 2004.  Here are some of my favorites from that first digital image upload:

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  • Sweet sweet baby! We went through our early digitals recently too, so many that I want to print out! (old school)

  • OMG how cute!!! Our kiddos must be about the same age because my first digital pictures were in 2004 from my oldest son 🙂

  • I had the same swing and stroller for my daughter born around the same time! OMY that is so funny!

  • Very cute! Amazing we used to go get film developed. Ha!

  • 2004 marks the digital photos taken of my youngest, born that year! I must have eleventy million.

  • Great pictures! Such a little sweetie.

  • Awesome.. I wonder where my first digital images are? OH YEAH. DELETED. First digi camera for christmas 2003 and all of my 2004 images are GONE. Poof. Wimper. 🙂

  • What sweet digital memories. I love how digital cameras allowed us to snap away more and not worry about the cost of developing the film. We have that book too – the boys both loved it.

  • aaw! you must’ve gotten lost in time looking at these pics! I do when I see old pics of my baby. so sweet! 🙂

  • love the expression!!!!!!!
    i know right, when i even start to think how much money i would be spending if we did not have digital, it makes me freak out! lol