Wordless Wednesday Linky: A Woman’s Work…

…is never done.  Okay, so my husband does just as much laundry as I do, but this was my upstairs hallway last weekend.  It truly felt like a laundromat had exploded in my house as I rushed to wash the kids’ new fall clothes.  After waiting weeks to transition closets because of our impending move, the days of sending my kids to school in high-waters and three-quarter sleeve shirts are over!!  Well worth a day of chaos.

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  • I might have found a solution to the massive laundry basket overflow problem. I bought 3 tiny laundry baskets and 1 square laundry basket. I now separate the laundry to be folded in to the smaller baskets. Socks in one, kid’s clothes in another. Easier to carry upstairs. I feel less stressed about folding a smaller basketful of clothes. I use the old larger laundry baskets for toys.

  • Ugh, now I feel like I am getting guilted into laundry detail today. *sigh* We need to invent self washing clothing.

  • We just began potty training… I’m doing a couple loads of laundry per day. Not fun!

  • When did you sneak into my house?! 😉

    Linking up with you today!

    Have a great day!

  • Funny! We are in the middle of the exact same thing right now. Only I don’t really bother washing them first. I kinda like the mothy-closet-musty smell on The Dudes. Mixed with natural boy funk it smells kinda sweet:)

    • Amy

      I really should have posted a picture of the lint trap. Apparently purple is the color of the fall!

  • Oh boy!! You should see the back of my van. Yesterday, I went over to clean up a house (someone’s mother died and she had to leave suddenly). I carted out seven black garbage bags of laundry. Seven!! And that’s on top of the laundry I have to keep up with for my own family. Ugh. I feel like I’m drowning in clothes.

  • It’s really hard to keep up with laundry with a house full of kids!

  • I know how you feel!! Not only is my laundry pile in danger of creating an avalanche but the dishes in the sink are stacked up pretty high.

  • Sadly, I can relate, high-waters and all. I am tackling “Mt. Washmore” myself today…my problem is folding right after they came out..ugh.

    Glad to hear you are out of the chaos! 🙂

  • Kristen

    Laundry! It never ends! Thanks for the linky!

  • Thanks Amy! You just made me look at these 3 big basketful of laundry needing to be folded right next to me. Good thing I’m sick since Monday, I have an excuse NOT TO TOUCH THEM. But thanks! lol

  • Oh I hate the whole season clothes switchover. It’s been taking me weeks to get accomplished here – in part because I hate doing laundry. 😉

  • Oh my! I actually love to start the laundry but I hate to fold so I leave that to my hubby 🙂 Happy Wednesday!

  • I feel your pain..my husband helps out too, but it never ever ends!

  • wait…
    what are you doing at my place?

  • Ooops! Thanks for reminding me I have some laundry to switch… 😉 Bet you feel much better now that it’s all done and organized, right? Want to come help me organize Princess Nagger’s closets? 😉

  • Boy, does that look familiar…

    Thanks for the chance to link!

  • It seems in our house, laundry is the one thing that can never get done. My husband joked that we need several stackable washer and dryers in our laundry room so we can get multiple loads of laundry done at the same time. Not such a bad idea, if we could afford it.

  • Ugh, I only wish I had folding to do. Too much dirty laundry. Wasn’t there supposed to be a laundry fairy that came with babies???

  • There’s always dirty laundry and dirty dishes around here. Sometimes it’s maddening. I’m contemplating throwing out the dishes and making the family all eat from the same pan I cook in. They can each have their own fork though.

    Congratulations on the new house!