Wordless Wednesday: Last Day of School

It’s hard to believe that an entire school year has passed. It feels like just a couple of months ago that I was sharing pictures of my first born about to go to kindergarten, sharing pictures of her first day of school… In just a couple of hours I will be the parent of a first grader!

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  • Anne

    That is, without a doubt, a last-day-of-school kind of smile!


  • A. Smith

    Oh wow, she has the most beautiful long hair! I'm trying to grow my daughter's hair but its not working out so well. She has her dad's curls so sadly it doesn't look like long hair is in the cards for us *sob* lol.

    Congrats on your parenting graduation! It appears that you have a very enthusiastic student on your hands 🙂

  • ~ Noelle

    beautiful hair!!!

  • Xmas Dolly

    First Grade, wow! I remember when. In fact, I remember when with each & everyone of my kids. I was always sad, but happy when I got home for some ME TIME! ~HEHE~ She's gorgeous. Love he hair too. My oldest couldn't gt her hair to grow for love nor money, but my youngest had really thick long hair that drove me nuts! lol

  • Michelle @ Flying Giggles

    No kidding! It seems like we were all just posting 1st day of school pics!