Wordless Wednesday: I Go Back…

Last weekend my family and I drove nearly four hours back to my tiny little hometown in central Pennsylvania.  Some things never change.  The same groups of friends that always sat together in the cafeteria huddled around the same table again.  Cris is still the life of the party.  Jen is still boy crazy.  Kristie and I still had to be the first ones on the dance floor, just like every high school dance.  But this picture is why I had to go back. Out of this daycare picture from 1981 of children ages two through five, twenty of us went on to graduate from high school together.  That’s a fifth of our class – all together from pre-school to graduation. Sometimes you just have to go back to find…

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  • Dianne Brubaker

    aw, I wish I could hear you talk! My Dad was from Western PA (Pee-Aay), in the Sligo/Clarion/Curllesville area, and his family has the best accent ever! Of course, Dad would talk like us (more Midwestern/Chicago accent) until he went back home. And then a ‘new’ Dad took over and even his inflections changed. I miss that (he passed away in 1995).

    That is really neat that so many of you stuck together for so long! In my group, we banded together in the 7th grade and about 15 of us even went on to the same college!

    Nice blog post!

  • Too funny and too cute! You were adorable!!

  • How fabulous! What a cute bunch of kids you all were. My wordless wednesday is also a flashback this week. It poses the question of “Where in Walt Disney World was I?”

  • Such a cutie!

  • Given that so many families move, it’s incredible that so many of you stayed together in school. In the future, I wonder if social media will help kids stay in touch through high school and beyond.

  • Too cool! Happy Wednesday!

  • Love those old photos. It reminds us of why we feel in love and How that person has changed.,lol.
    Great memories I’m sure.

  • I love looking seeing where people ended up in life.

  • Very Cute! I love looking back at pics!

  • i love that you have history with them…
    and it cracked me up about lost his hair and gained an awesome wife..

  • That is really cool! My Mom has all my school photos. She won’t let me have them. lol

  • Sometimes you just have to go back. I have this desire to do so, but it’s not really possible to find all the others that were with you in an orphanage.

    I love the photos. So precious.

  • It’s fun to look back, isn’t it? and so amazing how things change! Thanks for hosting Wordless Wednesday. Have a great weekend!