Wordless Wednesday: A fun “look” at mom…

During our last vacation to Walt Disney World, I held on to my daughter’s sunglasses while she got herself situated by placing them on top of my own sunglasses, which were perched on top of my head.  By the time she was ready to go, I had already forgotten about the shiny pink princess sunglasses doubled on top of my own.  We walked around the park for awhile, went on a ride or two, had a meal.  Then the sun came out.  I reached up to grab my own sunglasses and realized how foolish I must have looked for all that time, walking around the Magic Kingdom with two pairs of sunglasses piled on top of my head.  I turned to my husband and said, “Do you even look at me?  Why didn’t you say something?”

This scenario plays itself over and over again each week.  “Didn’t you see I had that stuck to my shoe?”  “Didn’t you notice the giant blueberry stain on my shirt?”  “There was WHAT stuck between my teeth all day?”

For awhile I decided that clearly my family never looks at me.  I’ve revised that.  I think they just don’t see me.  This is what I’ve decided they must see instead…

Written by: Amy

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