Wordless Wednesday: First Day of Kindergarten

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  • Love it! I bet he was so excited to ride the bus with his big sister.

  • Too cute! I LOVE the walking down the street holding hands pic! It’s like a hallmark card! 🙂 Happy WW Amy!

  • These pictures are so wonderful and the one with the bus makes me nostalgic for my childhood!

  • My sons first day of kinder is on the 13th. I am dreading it with my every being. I live in a big city with no car and very little money. I think I will go all out for him though, I will get a taxi for his first day. I do not want to send him on a big bus alone! Especially when he has never done it before, I am scared of the bigger kids teasing him when he cries. I just want to keep him under my wings for a bit longer, at least until he is a bit older.

  • Oh my- the cuteness! Happy first day to you all!

  • I am tearing up at these photos. Seriously. So sweet!!

  • These pictures are so freakin’ adorable. Love ’em. We need to find a place to start marking our little guy’s height.

  • Sweet photos. I hope their first day went well! Mine starts tomorrow. (Finally!)