Wordless Wednesday: Fall Colors

My daughter wishes that she were still swimming in the community’s pool.  My son would like to lounge around in the air-conditioning watching Phineas and Ferb.  But I’m ready for fall.  The oranges, the reds, the yellows. The smell of warm apple crisp with just the right amount of cinnamon.  The dried cornstalks, hay bails, football games, and cider.  And did I mention the warm apple crisp?  Bring it on…

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  • My kids are the same way, but I am with you!

  • It’s funny because my WW post today is a ‘toast to summer,’ because I’m not quite ready to say goodbye. But Fall is my favorite for all the reasons you mention. I think I’m just worried we might have a short fall, like we had a short spring and dang it, I want my FULL seasons! Lovely photo, warm & welcoming home.

    • I always feel that way about fall and spring here in the DC area. Neither one lasts long enough, so I’ll take the cool, rainy days when I can get them.

  • Your house is beautiful! LOVE!

  • I am with you, bring on Fall. It’s my favorite season.
    I love the color of your front door, against the white, it’s beautiful.

  • I never get to see the fall colors here where I live. This area of Texas doesn’t get like that. Thanks for sharing yours though.

  • I love fall as well. I hope that I can go pick apples with my son soon.

  • Yay Fall! I have already pulled the flowers in my boxes on the front porch. Now they are ready for mums! Bring it on.

  • I’m ready to plant some mums, they are one of my favorite flowers.

  • I so wish Southern California had a colorful fall. The east coast is gorgeous when the colors come to life. And you … you have a beautiful home!!
    Happy WW!!