Wordless Wednesday: Decadence

A couple weeks ago my husband and I celebrated our tenth anniversary with a four day getaway to Walt Disney World. When people asked me why I chose Disney, I gave many reasons from the incredible service to the beautiful pools, but one of the main reasons is the food.  One of the hardest parts of my day to day is finding creative ways to do one of the things required to live – eat!  I quickly fall into a rut, don’t always enjoy cooking, and hate the sound of my kids – okay, just my son – complaining that he doesn’t like what we’re having.  For me a getaway was not really a vacation if it didn’t involve pleasant people serving me ridiculously decadent food.  The goal?  Filet mignon twice a day…with dessert. Here are some of the highlights.

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  • It’s 9am and now I’m craving steak. Thanks. 😉

    • Sorry, that is a known side effect of reading my blog.

  • Sue

    We leave in 25 days! We are taking the kids, but this still gets me so excited.

  • Oh my gosh, my mouth is watering! Happy belated 10th anniversary! 😉

    • The actual date is August 18th, so you’re good 🙂 We went in July because that is when my parents could come and stay with our kids for four days. Getting away ANY time is the perfect time, right?

  • I’ve always wanted to eat at Le Cellier after hearing so many amazing things. Thanks for sharing the pictures 🙂 Everything looks very yummy

    • I have to say, the appetizer and the dessert at Le Cellier were fantastic, but the main course didn’t impress either of us. I loved California Grill at the Contemporary and Yachtsman Steakhouse at the Beach and Yacht Club much, much more, and what’s great about both of them is that they don’t require a park pass.

  • Fantastic! Disney is all about the food for my family, we love the quality and variety. Looks like your trip was delish!

    • Thanks, Kristen, it was so delish that I gained 6 pounds in four days. I lost it all within the week, but man…that’s some eatin’.

  • Ooooo…the food! I’m remembering all the delicious Disney food from DisneySMMoms just looking at your anniversary photos!

  • Martha

    Nice picture now i am craving dessert ,id like the chocolate cake.and salad is always with my meal, oh my gosh my mouth watering now….

  • I love that you went to Disney…not that that surprises me. lol 🙂

  • Great! Now I’m hungry. It’s not the time. lol

  • Thank you for making me drool while you were there. Our flight, resort, and ADRs are booked. So much to do and so little time. No doubt there will be lots of food photography on our anniversary trip 🙂

  • Two of my favorite things about Disney is the filet and dessert…yummy!

  • Yum! I particularly like this because I have made it my personal mission to find the best Creme Brulee!

  • fria

    Oh my, that’s so yummy! i love all of it! Hope i could just eat it right now!

  • All of your pictures look great! And looking at all those tasty desserts is making me drool!! As expected of Disney.

  • nathanivy

    I heard my tummy grumble when I saw the pictures! It really looks yummy. Hope to taste Disney food one of this days.