Wordless Wednesday: Blogger vs. Bambi Part 2

I’ve been walking nearly every morning or evening for months, and as some of you may remember from the Bambi incident, there are many, many deer living in the woods behind my house.  When they started appearing on the path where I walk around twilight every night, I moved my walks to the morning.  Apparently the deer don’t follow daylight savings time because this morning they were moving through  my section of the path during my regular morning walking time.  First I saw a six point buck chasing a doe across the path ahead of me, which was a little scary because deer are more dangerous during rut.  While they scampered off into the woods to get their groove on, I snapped a couple pictures on my phone of the other deer wandering about.  Once the big daddies were gone, I tried to continue on my walk.  That’s when this young buck to my left stared at me, put his head down, snorted, and stomped his hoof.  That was all I needed to turn around and find another path.  Darn that Bambi…

Wordless Wednesday

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