Why Justin Bieber Makes Me Cry

No, I don’t have the fever.  The Bieber Fever.

Once I got past the solid six months or so of being aggravated by the screaming girls and the insane hair when Justin Bieber first reached super-stardom, thus taking over every news program, talk show, and magazine, I was able to step back and appreciate what the Bieber machine has been able to accomplish from a business point of view.  The boy is a marketing dream.  Eventually I decided to listen to something this kid said and was pleasantly surprised to find a smart, respectful young man who has actual – wait for it – talent.

Despite my conversion to mild Justin Bieber appreciation, when I heard that he was going to be starring in a movie about his life (p.s. He’s 16) I wanted to be nothing but annoyed.  But then I saw this trailer:

Suddenly I viewed Justin Bieber and his story through a new pair of eyes….his mom’s.

The video of Justin drumming on a kitchen chair could easily be my little guy, Noah, who began turning anything and everything into drumsticks at the age of 2.  Just before turning 3, he got up and performed with the children’s choir during a retirement home performance and obviously knowing every word to every song, the director allowed him to continue singing every performance despite being two years too young. My child loves music.  He just naturally is drawn to rhythms and sounds, dancing and playing. Will he someday be Justin Bieber?  I would never imagine such a thing in my wildest dreams.  But that’s not the point.  The point is that here is the story of a child who loved something and showed a God given talent for it, and his family and community surrounded him with the love and support that he needed to become something amazing.  And isn’t something amazing exactly what each and every one of us wants for our children?

Now every time I’m watching TV and the commercial for Never Say Never begins with little Justin Bieber drumming in his kitchen, all I can see is my child who, at three, grabbed chopsticks off a table at EPCOT and drummed along on his chair to a live performance from Allstar Weekend, refusing to stop when the music stopped, his feet moving, his little body dancing…

Dang it, Justin Bieber.  Stop making me cry.

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  • i may not be the big justin bieber fan that my girls are, but i have seen the movie trailer and i’m wanting to see this movie now. i can totally see it from the mom perspective, too. my 14 yo daughter plays drums, dances and sings. she may never be the marketing dream or as famous that bieber is, but i understand the pride his family feels and the support he gets. i’m there, too. :o)

  • you know what’s funny? i felt the same way you did until I RELUCTANTLY read his “lifestory” ( I was like, really? He’s 16.) with Chatterbox one day. it really is inspiring – they were low-income and his mom was working and putting herself through school, saving up to buy Justin a proper drum set…it was great to learn about the real story instead of being blinded by THE FEVER!!

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  • Alright, you make an excellent point. Up until now, I had just assumed that music producers scoured to find a pretty face on a kid that could marginally sing, just so they could market him to death and make eleventy-kajillion dollars and walk away with fat and happy wallets. Seeing this makes me realize that maybe I may be mistaken.

    Every parent wants their children’s dreams to come true. And while I think Justin is a lucky kid to have had that happen, the fact that he’s everyfrigginwhere allthefriggintime is still annoying. But maybe I won’t be too “meh” about him anymore. But I still think they could dial his hoopla down a few notches, it’s exhausting.

  • What a sweet message to share, and what an awesome perspective to have. It reminds me to look at my kids a little differently & see the true depth of talent that lies within them. Thanks!

  • I feel the same way every time I see the commercial for Never Say Never. Every time I see “tiny Justin” I think about my little boy. He’s three and loves to rock out and dance every chance he gets. I predict a lot of moms go see that movie. I have a feeling I will!