Why I Saved My Sad, Pathetic Laundry Room

(subtitle: EasyClosets Total Home Tour Laundry Room and Garage Makeover)

When EasyClosets invited my family to participate in the Total Home Tour, the first step after shouting, “YES, PLEASE!!!” was to select an area of my home to renovate. While my basement needs an obsolete toy cleansing and my office needs a full-on professional intervention, the two areas that I thought could benefit most were my laundry room and my garage.

I think that for many of us, the garage is a no-brainer when it comes to needing some organizational help. It is the junk drawer of our living spaces, the “room” where homeless belongings are placed, the space meant to hold cars, but rarely able to do so. When we moved into this home three years ago and upgraded from a one car garage with no access to our home to a two car garage just off our kitchen, we failed to make organizational changes. Instead, we filled the extra space and retained our shoddy, unstable shelving.

Our garage challenges:

– Inadequate storage components

– Poor use of sufficient space

– Inability to locate items because of the variety and volume of items stored in the space


Now from the obvious challenge to the less obvious, yet equally important – the laundry room.

In many homes, the laundry room is simply an afterthought, a small space with a washer and dryer, perhaps a utility sink, that serves a singular goal a couple times a week. In my home, however, the laundry room is front and center, so we decided that it needed to be saved. You can see the laundry room door immediately upon entering my home, and because of its position between the children’s bedrooms and the master, it resides in one of the most highly trafficked areas of the home. While my laundry room offered plenty of space to wash and dry my family’s clothes, that is where its functionality ended. For example, in order to get to the laundry detergent, I had to stand against the washer and stretch onto my tiptoes because the builder-grade wire shelf had been installed too high. And storage? Well, there wasn’t any.

Our laundry challenges:

– An eyesore in a high traffic area

– Lack of sufficient storage

– Lack of accessible storage


I can’t wait for you to see the transformations! ¬†More soon…

Disclosure: In exchange for this post series, I received EasyClosets product. All opinions and horrible disorganization are my own. Some of the manual labor was my husband’s, but I jigged out that outlet opening ALL. BY. MYSELF.

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  • I’m especially interested in seeing your laundry room makeover. Right now my laundry is part of my kitchen and it’s an old house so they don’t get to sit side-by-side like they should.