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Today as I worked online and enjoyed some quiet time with my daughter, I thought it might be fun to find out from some other people why they love Walt Disney World. I know why I love it –


it makes me feel like a kid again, puts a smile on my children’s faces, and makes the impossible possible


but what keeps bringing other families back year after year, generation after generation?

To celebrate the magic of Disney leading up to this weekend’s trip, here are some of the responses from Twitter friends who are Disney fans!


@mom2nji: Going every week has changed my autistic son more than any other “therapy”


@Mommentator: Goofy is acceptable


@YouDreamIDream: only place where u truly feel magic, unstoppable untouchable, magical~seeing wonder in ur kids eyes, luv in heart


@carole_hicks: I love WDW because visiting there makes me feel like a kid!


@PamperingBeki: Seeing the excitement in kids eyes is just priceless


@EliseCL: It really is the most magical place on Earth. I feel like anything is possible there


@cbadov: it’s surreal where everyone’s pleasant and even mom and dad have as much fun as the kids


@lolitacarrico: Because there’s truly something for everyone at WDW


@blm03: Because the staff at the parks were so kind and gracious without even knowing our story
@vitaminmommy: overall, we smile more when we are there


@KristenWDW: I’m always amazed at what it is I enjoy most there.I love 2 play along + I find
#Disney does little things best


@tejasangel: I am a fan of Disney World because it inspires fantasy and imagination in both young and old


@diecutsrus: Pin Trading is our favorite pastime there. We search for pins for each other. Its a great family game!
@kellirael: It allows for me to feel young and playful again. It truly is magical there.


Why do you love Walt Disney World?

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  • Marie O

    I go to Disney every year for a week with High school seniors. They have exceptional education programs and do a wonderful job with the kids. It also makes Disney more affordable. The home-school mom’s should look into it.