Why Disney? Quality Time

In the spring of 2009 I wrote a post titled “Why Disney?”  I wondered why other Twitter users loved Walt Disney World as much as my family, so I asked the question to them, posting their answers later in the day.  Every time my family visits Disney, be it a quick getaway or a solid week, I am reminded why I enjoy my time at Disney so, so much.  Last month while learning about what is next for Disney at a Disney Dream Christening media event, one Disney executive summed it up in a way that spoke perfectly to my heart and my own experiences. He said this…

We are living in a busy world.  Many homes have two working parents.  Children are active in sports and hobbies.  For some people, a week at Walt Disney World is their way of making up for the last four months of simply not getting to spend enough quality time with their family.  For them, this is their quality time. (paraphrased)

I couldn’t help myself.  I teared up.  This is exactly Why Disney for me.  From the moment my family piles into the car to head to the airport I know that we will all four be together, and my focus will be 100% on them.  While I am working, I absolutely need to focus on work.  While I’m in the house with the kids there are meals to be made, dishes to be washed, laundry to be folded.  The ability to just be – just spend time – comes to me at Walt Disney World better than any other place on earth. I was so happy for that reminder last month and for every cherished Disney memory I have with my family.

So now I want to ask you.  Why Disney?

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