Welcome, 2011. High Expectations, Take a Seat

Apparently it’s that time again.  I floated into winter break with a song in my heart and a to-do list on my desk, only to face the day before the return to work and school the same way I have for as long as I can remember – with longing for ten more days to finally complete what needs to be done. So here I sit with a 2011 calendar looming before me, and I realize that it’s time to take the failed accomplishments of 2010…and pile high on top of them more stress, goals, and lists.

You know what?  I say heck no.  Not this year.

May 2011 be the year of sanity and clarity, long pauses, walks, and vacations, hot baths and cold drinks, bowls of ice cream piled high with whipped cream and cherries (that’s right…I said cherries. Who said a sundae deserves just one?) and workouts that make me ache for days.

May I get better at what I do well rather than chase after those things I’ve not yet tried.

May I spend so much time with my children that I remember that longing in my soul that called me back to work and made me thirst for fulfillment outside of the home.  May I remember what it feels like to find fulfillment inside of the home as well.

May I play the piano so often that my family asks me to stop instead of begging me to start.

May I finally learn how to make that lovely almond sauce for my crisp green beans and may my family eat more meals that start in our refrigerator and less that start on our phone.

May I take pleasure in all of the accomplishments of all of my friends and not just those who take pleasure in my success as well.  My 2011 be the year of becoming the change I want to see.

May I write so much that when I shower in the morning I find I have nothing on my mind and when I lay my head on my pillow at night I fall asleep with the peace of contentment rather than the stirrings of dialogues not said and rants not written.

May the lists I make in the morning include not only must-dos, to-dos, and should-dos, but also want-to-dos.

May 2011 be the year of days with no lists whatsoever.

May I continue to enjoy what I’ve earned, give till it hurts, and find my “full”, all blessings I received in 2010.

Quality not quantity.

Need not want.

And should none of this come to be…may I not end 2011 with a list unfulfilled, but rather a year well-spent, regret free, happy, and loved.

Here’s to a fabulous year.

Written by: Amy

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