Protect-a-Bed Review

When we moved my daughter from her crib to her big girl room around the age of 2, we decided that purchasing a new mattress seemed like a ridiculous idea. She had not yet potty-trained, and on top of years of accidents, we assumed there would be the occasional sickness related clean-up issues. At the time, we were offered a mattress and frame by my sister-in-law. The bed had seen better days, but it seemed appropriate for a little girl just turning two. The aged mattress certainly did not need a cover of any type, so we skipped that step in the bed-making process.

Recently, however, we moved my little guy to a twin bed and gave him the old mattress that my daughter used for two years. It was time to buy a nice, new mattress for my girl!
When we brought the mattress home we debated what to do about a mattress pad or cover. We had used a cheap, little protection pad in her crib, and we found that rather than prevent moisture issues, it actually trapped the moisture and bred fungus. We wanted to protect our purchase, but did not want to make the same mistake.
Around that time I was offered a twin sized Protect.A.Bed to review. I want to share some of my favorite things about the Protect.A.Bed mattress protector:
  • It has the Good Housekeeping Promises warranty. Review blogs will come and go, but Good Housekeeping’s approval tells you so much about a product!
  • It comes with a 10 year guarantee, unlike that little protector pad that didn’t survive one trip through the washer.
  • It promotes easier sleep through better breathing: the membrane underneath the waterproof cotton top layer prevents dust mites from reaching your child.
The reduction of allergen exposure is especially important for my daughter. We have tried nasal sprays to help with her labored, noisy breathing at night, but nothing seems to make a difference. Knowing that I have a soft, washable layer of protection between her beautiful face and her mattress helps me to sleep a little easier!
You’ll love this if: You are concerned about protecting your mattress, but are concerned about similar products that actually promote the collection of allergens rather than protect from them.
This is not for you if: I know that I’ve promised to share who would not like each product, but I honestly cannot think of any person that would not appreciate this product in their home.

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