A Week in Reviews – Day Four: Elmo and Friends: Tales of Adventure

I have always been a fan of Sesame Street and spent many hours watching the original cast as a child. Now I’ve enjoyed sharing my love for Big Bird and friends with my kids. That is why I was so happy to share this new video, Elmo and Friends: Tales of Adventure, with my children! Here is my daughter Emma’s review (as dictated to Mommy):

This DVD is really fun. Elmo’s Amazing Alphabet Race is all about the alphabet, except there’s a race. That means that Elmo has to find all of the letters of the alphabet before the tap-dancing chicken hits the gong. *Spoiler Alert* Both Elmo and Telly win the race. By working together as a team, you can both win! The Golden Triangle of Destiny with Telly is about Telly searching for a Golden Triangle. He wants the triangle because he thinks that if he gets it, then good things will happen to him. But it turns out that he’ll just have to give it to a museum. This one was as fun as the Elmo story. In the last story, The Adventures of Little Big Bird, Mumford the Magician is doing a magic trick. He’s trying to shrink the letter M, but oh no!, he shrinks Big Bird! Big Bird has to try to get to Gordon and Allen to have them get Mumford and to have him make Big Bird big again. But oh no! Now a ladybug is big! That story was just as fun as the other two of them.

Just so you know – Mom likes the DVD, too. I especially like that there are educational applications listed on the back such as going on a real alphabet adventure with your kids as well as a shapes adventure like Telly!

Thanks for another good one, Sesame Street!

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