Visit From the Grumpy Old Troll

I have temporarily pulled my post about my latest parenting issue with my little guy because a link to my blog in The New York Times this weekend has brought a flood of readers who are not used to reading blogs written by moms. They’re used to reading the Times. I’m sure you see the difference. 😉

Unfortunately, they do know how to use the comment section and have found it important to let me know that crowdsourcing for parenting strategies is just wrong! wrong! wrong! Clearly my three year old son will one day be scarred for life because I told my readers that he hits his sister. Ah! I believe my husband’s response was the best – “I’m sure that he’s well aware both that he hits his big sister and that we don’t like it.” In any case, I thought it best to remove the bridge for a short time so the trolls will have to find another place to inhabit. Thanks for understanding! And pssst! I got a great piece of advice regarding our struggle with little man and will be posting it. Later. Shhhhh.

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