Valentine’s Day Quiz

I’m that girl. You know, the one who finds a quiz in Redbook and suddenly has her husband trapped, forced to provide answers to questions related to topics he knows nothing about like threadcount preference or his favorite Jackson 5.  At the end we’re able to tell if our marriage is going to last forever based on the number of A, B, or C answers.

I receive dozens and dozens of emails every day suggesting that I write about a variety of topics just as random as those women’s magazine quizzes, but this week I got one that caught my attention because of the clever quiz.  An agency spreading the word about Tiny Prints – who you know I already adore – sent the following Valentine’s Day Quiz and well, I just couldn’t resist.  Enjoy!

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  • Catwoman

    Such a great test! I’m a type C, so now I have to create my personal card for the people I love! thanks for the inspiration!

  • I was split evenly between an A and a C with one D in the middle. Such a neat marketing technique for Tiny Prints to use!

    • Melanie, agreed! I thought this was incredibly clever!