Two Reviews: Powder Art and Story Time Felt

Have you ever needed to do something that you knew was important and should be done well and so you keep putting it off, and putting it off?

That was the case with these two reviews.

My daughter was given the opportunity to try Powder Art by Crescent and Story Time Felt story boards, and because these two products are so unique, I kept putting off writing the reviews to be sure they received the attention they deserve.
Let’s start with Powder Art. The concept of Powder Art is fascinating! Instead of painting with liquid paint, children “paint by number” using sticky paper that they then cover with dry paint powder made from recycled materials.

Powder Art is available in six design themes, and each package contains four projects. Powder Art retails for $9.99 and the available themes are:

  • Bible Stories
  • Magical Moments
  • Jungle Animals
  • Puppies and Kittens
  • Planes and Trains
  • Sports

The Powder Art box claims “No Mess!” But let’s be honest for a moment. I just handed my five year old a plastic palette with tiny grains of colored powder and asked her to make circle motions on a sticky page. There’s a mess. But it’s a completely manageable mess. I am not a clean freak, but that is precisely why crafting makes me tense. I don’t like to have to clean, so it’s best to not make my house dirty. Powder Art cleaned up in moments with a wet cloth and a rinse of the palette.

Did my daughter’s work of art come out looking like the examples? Not exactly. Some of the blacks and whites came together to what she referred to as, “Awesome! Silver!” But that is the case with most art projects that we buy. I’m raising a child, not a world-class artist, and the bottom line is this: She really thought Powder Art was fun.

You’ll love this if: Your kids are the type to enjoy those chemistry experiment kits or try to make their own soda. This is an economical, fun “thinking out of the box” sort of activity.

This is not for you if: You don’t have the patience to sit down and work with your child. Because Powder Art is so unique, completing the project is not intuitive. You will need to assist your child, at least for the first project.

And now to go from space age art to an old favorite: Story Time Felt.

I am a person who loves nostalgia and retro anything. I have very fond memories of elementary school and Sunday School when my teachers told stories using homemade felt boards and little characters with poorly cut out felt faces.

I was so excited to get to share this beautifully refined felt activity with my own children!

Karen from Fun Felt – Story Time Felt – sent Emma the Princess Toggle Book , which includes the stories of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. She has spent hours rearranging the characters and accessories while telling the story to herself and her little brother.

Noah was able to try out the Farm and Zoo Animals Toggle Book, and while he did not get into the felt board play as much as his older sister, he still enjoys it very much!

Story Time Felt collections are more of an investment in play than other products out there, but they are incredibly well made and will easily hold up over time. There is not one critical thing that I can say about this product!

You’ll love this if: You enjoy story time at the library, quiet play, and time-tested classics.

This is not for you if: Your children are bells, buttons, and whistles only kids. But if they are…perhaps they need some quiet time with Story Time Felt?

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