Twizzlers Landmark Summer – Day 2

Two days into our Twizzlers Landmark Summer Roadtrip, I’ve learned a few rules of the road:

1. If you want sunscreen packed, pack it yourself.  Otherwise be prepared to buy a second bottle at tourist prices.

2. Call ahead to confirm that the “heated pool” listed on the website means that the water is heated and not just the room the pool is in.

3. Kids aren’t as fascinated by Quaker meeting houses as adults are.

4. If you ask your kids to say Philadelphia, they’ll look strange in your pictures. Have them say “Disney!” instead for nicer pictures.

5. Occasionally you should ditch the Twizzlers van and take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage! 🙂

We’re having such a great time!

We also learned some great things about Philadelphia today.  For example, did you know that people throw coins on Benjamin Franklin’s grave?  Wouldn’t that drive the author of “a penny saved is a penny earned” crazy?

While most of the furniture in Independence Hall is not original, this chair is, and it was worth waiting to snap a picture.

Franklin Square is just a few blocks from the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall and was the highlight of the day for the kids.  I lived in Philadelphia for a year while getting my master’s degree at the University of Pennsylvania, and yet I had no idea that Franklin Square existed!  The kids played mini golf, ran around on an awesome playground, and enjoyed a ride on the carousel.

The Liberty Bell is housed in a beautiful and secure building, which is a change from when I was a child, but it was still wonderful to have a chance to get up close to this symbol of freedom.

Tomorrow we’re leaving the City of Brotherly Love and heading into the center of the state to visit the factory where Twizzlers are made and the hometown of Twizzlers parent company, The Hershey Company.  I hope you’ll come along with us!

Disclosure: Travel accommodations and expenses were paid for as a part of this sponsored opportunity with Twizzlers

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  • tiffany ard

    I am loving these post! You have such beautiful kids! Can’t wait to read day 3! Be safe and have fun!!! @tiffany053p

  • tiffany ard

    Oh and you should have climbed the rope and got a picture of you in the chair……LOL

    • Amy

      Tiffany, in my younger days I would have done that! Sometime I’ll dig up the picture of my head resting on the block where Anne Boleyn was beheaded. 🙂

  • tiffany ard

    Awesome! I would love to see it!

  • How fun! Love it.

  • Looks like a great day in Philly. Have a great time in Hershey, it really is the sweetest place on Earth! If you have the time make sure to visit the Hershey Gardens, it is just beautiful this time of year and there is a special area for kids!!

  • Looks like an action packed day in Philly. One day we hope to take the kids back there, I have a lot of memories from my childhood. Safe travels to Hershey – love it there 🙂

  • I’ve never visited Philly, my son enjoyed a visit there a few years ago and really enjoyed it. We have 3 visits to Hershey and love to visit there!

  • Looks like ya’ll are enjoying a fun-filled, action packed vacation. I would love to visit Philly one day.