Twizzlers Landmark Summer – Day 1

As we settle in tonight to prepare for a day checking out the landmarks in Philadelphia’s historic Independence Park, I wanted to share the highlights of the first day of our roadtrip.  We kicked our adventure off by picking up Noah from his last day of pre-school in our Twizzlers van being sure to take along plenty of Twizzlers to hand out to the inquisitive four and five year olds. From there we headed home to load up the van for our weekend excursion.

With our suitcase packed, our Twizzlers and bottles of water ready, and the kids waving from the back row of the Twizzlers van, we were ready to leave Washington, DC headed north towards Philly!

From our Twizzler van we watched Baltimore go by, continuing north through Delaware to Pennsylvania.  We joined the thousands of other people leaving the city for the Memorial Day weekend, only we had something they didn’t – a bag full of Twizzlers!  We settled in and enjoyed the time together, taking in the view of the harbor and skyline.

Once we arrived in Philadelphia, we settled in to our hotel and enjoyed a stroll around the Independence Park area, enjoying pizza on Market Street before returning back for a quick swim in the hotel pool.  Before heading to bed, Emma took a look at the city beginning to come to life as the sun set.

Tomorrow – we take our Twizzlers to some of the nation’s oldest landmarks!  See you there!

Disclosure: Travel accommodations and expenses were paid for as a part of this sponsored opportunity with Twizzlers

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  • OMG! What fun!!! I am so ready for a fun roadtrip!

  • Shelly the Chic Crafty Chick

    Wow what a fun adventure! I love Twizzlers so I know y’all are snacking well. Have a safe trip!

  • How fun. Looking forward to reading how the rest of your trip goes.
    And I love how long your daughters hair is!

  • Don & Kay

    Too bad Texas isn’t on your route. Gpa LOVES twizzlers. Hope your trip stays enjoyable and you get to see a lot.

  • Philadelphia sounds like a great place to spend a holiday weekend! Look forward to reading more about your trip! Have a great time…and have some Twizzlers for me 🙂

  • How fun! I can’t wait to read about the rest of your adventures and see the pictures! Enjoy your weekend!

  • Paula Caudill

    Talk about fun, I love road trips! I envy you guys…enjoy the sites!

  • What a fun adventure for the entire family. I remember going to Philly, DC, and all over to see historic places while growing up. Can not wait to do that with my boys one day soon.

  • mary simonton

    wow what a great ideal for a roadtrip. any ideals how we can do a trip like this. we are so ready for a roadtrip. be safe and have fun. we are looking forward to you sharing the rest of the trip with us