#TU – Thumbs Up, Twitter Friends.

For months I’ve been meaning to share this idea, but there never seemed to be a good time. I tweet with hundreds of hashtags for anything from Sitewarming Parties to snarky remarks best suited to one big jumbled word.

Tonight is the night I share my idea with the world. Okay, so for right now I’m sharing it with somewhere in the ball park of 17,000 people, but we’ll work on the world later…

The Retweet
For awhile there was a movement to do away with the retweet all together. In fact, I was asked about my opinion on retweeting while being interviewed by Warren Whitlock on Blog Talk Radio over a year ago. There were cries of “spam!” Some felt that a RT request was the epitome of conceit. And then most recently Twitter introduced the retweet feature that takes the R and the T out of the equation completely.

My concern is not with the RT – it’s with the thought behind it. I have very little idea if the retweeter means to draw attention to the audacity of some numb skull or is actually applauding the ideas of a fellow tweep. When someone updates their status on Facebook and I like it, I simply click “like” and the thumbs up appears. I’d like to introduce the “Thumbs Up” for Twitter in the most Twitter friendly way possible – a hashtag.

From now on, if I read a tweet that, were it a status update on Facebook I would click “like this,” I will retweet it with the hashtag #TU. I don’t necessarily want my followers to take action, nor am I pointing out a crazy or shocking tweet.

I’m just giving it a #TU.

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