Tricks of the Trade – Kids’ Closet Help

This week I’m resurrecting an old Resourceful Mommy meme, Tricks of the Trade, featuring quick posts with easy tips to hopefully make your life as a parent just a bit easier.

I’ve found over the years that come closet clean out/transition time, I am surprised by the clothes that my kids rarely wore and have now grown out of.  In the rush of the morning I tend to grab old standards, those outfits that I’m sure fit comfortably and yes, on most days, even match.  The pants that I bought for Emma and waited for her to grow into suddenly not only fit, but seem nearly too small.  That shirt with sleeves extending far past Noah’s hands suddenly barely reach his wrists.

To shake things up, I’ve got a new plan.  When placing clean clothing back in the closet, hang up all the freshly washed items all the way to the right.  If they were just washed, it stands to reason that they were also just worn.  Try to pull from the left when choosing your children’s clothing in the morning forcing you to grab something that they did not just wear.

What are your tips for making the most of your children’s clothing and keeping your children’s closets organized?

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  • I re-organized my kids’ closets just before the beginning of the school year with nifty closet dividers. (see them here: My oldest that’s in school attends private school so uniforms make it easy, however, the weekend wear become an issue. I like your idea of organizing clothes by putting freshly washed in back (or right) of the closet. I also try and organize by sleeve length and color.

  • I *love* that tip! I hate when I find clothes in my daughter’s closet that she’s never actually worn and yet… she’s outgrown them! So frustrating.

    This seems like such a common-sense thing, and yet —


  • Cynthia Mercado

    I can be a bit OCD when it comes to my son’s clothes. I have used your idea for a long time. I go from right to left in the drawers and closet. So everything gets used and they all do! I do this with everything he owns.