Traveling Dreams – Where Do YOU Want To Go?

This morning on the way to pre-school, my son and I were rocking out to country music when he said to me, “Mom, is this rock and roll?” When I told him it was Country I then went on to explain that they make most of this type of music in Nashville, the city where Mommy got stuck because of the snow.

In that moment I at once remembered my family’s road trip to Nashville, the nose-bleed balcony seats at the new Grand Ole Opry, the walking tour through the original Grand Ole Opry, and the incredible hotel with the glass elevator that flew through the huge, open atrium….and then quickly imagined taking my own children to stay at the Gaylord Grand Ole Opry, the look on their faces during the water fountain show, them dancing in their seats at a show…

There are many places on my personal bucket list – return to London, finally see Spain, float in the Mediterranean – but suddenly my travel bucket list for the children has become longer than my own dreams.

– New England and all of its history
– The Grand Canyon and its incredible beauty
– The sand dunes of the Carolinas
– Kentucky horse country
– Loch Ness
– Germany, the birth place of almost all of our ancestors
– Disney, Disney, and Disney again….

Where do you dream of taking your children?


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