The Tote Buddy Review: eco-friendly meets user-friendly(TM)

If you’re like me…and thousands of other moms…the floor of your car is covered with cereal, socks, soccer balls, straw wrappers, tissues, pieces of dried leaves….and reusable shopping bags. While I can’t offer to come vacuum your van for you, I can tell you about The Tote Buddy. This was a review offer that I couldn’t refuse, because I knew that it could potentially solve a huge problem.

The Tote Buddy is a reusable shopping bag organizer. The Tote Buddy, very simply, holds all of your reusable shopping bags in an easy to wipe clean folder of sorts with an adjustable velcro strap. You use the straps from one of the bags that it holds to carry it into the grocery store, then remove one bag at a time as needed. The product description says that The Tote Buddy holds up to ten bags, but I was able to easily fit all 12 of my reusable grocery bags. However, I did not try to fit the reusable bags for cold items because of their added padding.

With the holiday shopping season in full swing and holiday travel right around the corner, now is a great time to clean up the shopping bag mess in your car….the smushed Cheerios are completely up to you.

You can order The Tote Buddy online with one shopping bag included for $9.99 or with three bags included for $12.99.

Thank you to the folks at The Tote Buddy for sending me one to try! I got mine in black so that my husband could use it when he does our grocery shopping. Life is good. 🙂
Written by: Amy

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