Together Counts Twitter Party with Mamavation

Join us on Thursday, October 27th from 8-10pm EST with Together Counts as we talk about how you can eat the foods you want if you are careful with portions and getting plenty of exercise afterward. It’s referred to as “Energy Balance” and the entire family can participate in it. We will also be discussing nutritional tips for dining at home and at social functions, like Halloween parties.

Together Counts is a nationwide program inspiring active and healthy living. The principle behind the program is Energy Balance, which means balancing the calories we consume with the calories we burn. Calories in, calories out. It’s that simple. Together Counts was started by The Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, a CEO–led organization, that is a national, multi-year effort designed to help reduce obesity–especially childhood obesity–by 2015. It’s a first-of-its kind coalition that brings together more than 160 retailers, food and beverage manufacturers, restaurants, sporting goods and insurance companies, trade associations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and professional sports organizations. The Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation promotes ways to help people achieve a healthy weight through energy balance–calories in and calories out. It focuses on three critical areas–the marketplace, the workplace and schools. You can see a list of their partners here.

Date: Thursday, October 27th

Time: 8-10pm EST

Hashtag: #healthykids

For more information including how to enter to win $700 worth of gift certificates visit!

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