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There are certain milestones in a child’s life that require a little extra clean-up, and I’d say that first birthdays are on the top of that list.  My daughter wasn’t sure that she liked the cake or even the icing, but she sure tried hard to like it, smushing it all over her hand and mouth in the process.

I remember a room full of amused adults watching this little girl, the first grandchild, slowly poke at her cake until she finally gave up and grabbed her sippy cup of milk.  The celebration was really more for us than it was for her, although I do remember her thoroughly enjoying opening presents!

By the time my son’s first birthday rolled around a couple years later, there was no longer a sense that it needed to include a huge party and fanfare.  Instead, my then three year old daughter and I worked together on a dump truck cake for him and on his actual birthday, the three of us spent the day at the National Zoo in Washington, DC, enjoying ice cream and hanging out with the pandas.  Noah loved his birthday, but by the time we brought out the cake after dinner, he was done. He had no interest in cake, and he especially had no interest in wearing the silly hat I bought.

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