Tide Baby Milestones Photo Club Sweepstakes: First Tooth

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Do you remember waiting for your child’s first tooth?  My second child nursed exclusively for six months, so I was in no hurry for him to start teething.  My daughter, however, seemed as though she would remain toothless for her entire life.  Because she was born two months early, we anticipated that she would experience delays, but when she still had no teeth at 13 months, we took her to see a pediatric dentist. We were assured that her teeth were all in place and it was only a matter of time before they would break through.  In the meantime, we struggled to move her from baby food to solids feeding her mushy foods like bananas and yogurt endlessly.  To make things worse, the book she requested to be read over and over again is called The Tooth Book.  We were sure it was a sign.  And then just when we began to give up all hope, her first tooth poked through at 15 months.

Here’s a shot of my toothless charmer just before her first one popped into place.

After waiting so long for those pearly whites to appear, I guessed that they would stick around for awhile, but on her sixth birthday Emma pointed out that her very first baby tooth was loose. Several weeks later it was gone.  As it flew across the sunroom and skidded out under a chair, we dove for it, not wanting to let it get away.  (SPOILER ALERT!) When I stole it from under her pillow that night, I tucked it away in a special place, remembering that toothless smile six years before and the long wait for it to appear.

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