Tide Baby Milestones: Crawling

With my first child, milestones were like the elephant in the room.  My daughter was born two months early, and while most babies her age were sitting unsupported, pulling up on furniture, and beginning to crawl, Emma was still struggling for muscle control and strength.  With each milestone, the pediatrician gave us both the “normal” range for completion as well as adjusted age guidelines for her early birth.  Each milestone also had a deadline.  If Emma did not reach the milestone by this deadline, it would mean a new round of testing. We worked hard to help her make progress, but every playgroup meeting ended with me collapsing in tears as soon as I reached my home.  Would my daughter ever catch up to other children?  Would she ever have normal motor function?

When she began crawling around eleven months, we were ecstatic.  Even now as I watch this video of my nearly one year old daughter trying to reach her cat, her left leg dragging, her little body huffing and puffing, I am grateful for this and every milestone.

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  • Naomi

    My son, Boaz, was 6 weeks early. I had preeclamsia, sorry if I spelled that wrong.He is now 5 and in preschool for the 2nd year, but he has come a long way since last year. He is wanting to write his name and he is doing really well. We started doing school stuff when he was 3 and he just didn’t get it. Sometimes he would know his colors than later he wouldn’t, same with numbers and other things. I know that the Lord Jesus has great plans for Him and that is what I keep in mind all the time. Our daughter, Miriam, will be 4 this summer and she is so smart, at least I think so. She was only born 2 days early, saying that it has been night and day with the pregnancies and my kids. She is doing wonderful for her age or better. He loves to learn with her brother and she helps encourage him. Children are a blessing and I found the Lord doesn’t give us more than we can handle even though it has been a challenge many times with our son. Another huge thing was bathroom duties, it has been a struggle, but he is doing a lot better than last year that is for sure. I’m glad that your daughter is learning also.

    I really enjoy your blog, keep it up!!!!!!

  • Charline

    I have no kids yet. But a milestone of my friends baby is that she is growing nicely.

  • Eileen

    My nephew’s lil one was born at 27 weeks and only 1lb 10oz last April. She left the hospital NICU at 3 mos “old” and has been growing leaps and bounds ever since. I know she is “behind” in development but they are amazed at every little thing she does…every smile, blink, sound she makes. She is an amazing, beautiful little girl and we have faith she will catch up. (It’s hard to not compare and even harder for a mom—parents not to worry…that’s just human nature.) Your daughter is incredibly beautiful and engaging! Looks like she has a lot of drive and will get there in time.