Think You Can Text and Drive Safely?

This post was sponsored as part of a compensated online campaign.  All opinions are my own.

We just wrapped an amazing summer filled with hours upon hours of family time, including multiple road trips.  Every single time we traveled farther than just around town, we encountered at least one vehicle drifting in and out of their lane, coming dangerously close to causing an accident.  And every single time we managed to pass them to drive into safer waters, we noticed that the driver had a phone in hand.

Every. Single. Time.

The truth is that there is no way to text and drive safely, yet people think that they can just send that one quick text and then get back to focusing on the road.  Maybe you’ve even had that thought, sent that text.

On September 19th I’m going to be speaking to a room full of 10th and 11th graders about the dangers of texting and driving, and I’m bringing a secret weapon with me in my campaign – the texting and driving simulator.  I’m sure that many of these teens will have grown up watching their parents send the occasional (or not so occasional) text from behind the wheel, and many of them likely believe that they are able to do so safely.  My hope is that if the statistics and testimonials that I share don’t convince the kids that It Can Wait, that the simulator will.

So are you ready to try it?

Begin by taking out your phone.  Look at the last text you sent.  Would that text be worth dying for?

Then head over to It Can Wait and take the challenge.

Here was my result…




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  • I was rear ended the 1st week of school this year by a mom who was texting and driving. She was sitting in line to leave, like all of the rest of us, but she was distracted with her texting and she thought she saw traffic move and she just gunned it. The sad thing is that she wasn’t really sorry and because she spent those few moments texting she wound-up wasting lots of time with exchanging information for an accident.

    We too see (almost daily) the drifting cars and like you said, every single time those drifting drivers are texting. It’s not kids either. It’s adults. People my own age. I am in TN and would love it if our state would implement a “no texting” law.

    Thank you so much for helping to raise awareness!

  • I am already distracted with three kids in the car! There is no way I am throwing another distraction on there that could endanger those same three lives.

  • Betty

    I have a device from Safe Drive systems installed in my car to warn me of those drivers that don’t pay attention to the road when driving.