The Top 5 Vacations I Would Love to Take

*post by Shannan Powell, mom of 3 boys, RM Media community and project manager, and Resourceful Mommy contributor

As we prepare to head down to Orlando for a little R&R and theme park time, I’m already thinking ahead to our next vacation. We’ll be traveling to Walt Disney World next year due to a work conference, so I’m dreaming about hitting a bucket list destination. While my travel budget certainly doesn’t match up to most of these, a girl’s gotta great. And maybe someday I’ll hit the jackpot and become a world traveler! Check out my dream vacation spots:


image courtesy Michelle Meiklejohn

  • Australia – I have had a sick obsession with Australia for years. I love kangaroos, koalas, killer snakes, and Bindi. Seriously . There is no other place in the world that would make me consider sitting in an airplane for 24 hours, most of which are over water.


image courtesy phaendin

  • Ireland and Scotland – Those who know me know well my obsession with ancestry and heritage. Since some of the strongest ancestral influences in my family are from Ireland and Scotland, visiting is high on my list. Plus, they have castles. Anywhere with castles is okay in my book.

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image courtesy Liz Noffsinger

  • Hawaii – Sun, sand, warmth, and volcanoes. Hawaii has everything I could want in a vacation! And would let me satisfy my lifelong obsession with seeing actual lava in person. I know. I’m weird.


image courtesy NPS

  • Grand Canyon – It probably sounds a little hokey, but I would love to take my family to experience the Grand Canyon. Drive to it in a station wagon, ride a donkey down into it, camp inside it. Wasn’t this an episode of The Brady Bunch?


image courtesy foto76

  • California (Yes, all of it…or at least most) – One of my biggest dreams is to drive the California coastline and drink all the wine, ending at Disneyland. I’ll probably drink all the wine there, too. What?

What are some of the places that you’d love to experience if time and money were no object? Happy travels!

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