The Power of Fun

Last January was a little bit rough.  That last sentence was a little bit of an understatement.

The final straw after a period of a few long, stressful weeks came when I found out that my husband needed to travel to a not-so-safe location for work for a few days right after the holidays.  A friend called to talk to me about everything going on at the moment, and when he heard about the trip he said, “Amy, take the kids to Disney. Just go. By the time you get back, he’ll be on his way home safely.”

What a crazy idea. So I did it.

There is nothing quite like traveling at the last minute with children, and doing it alone made it all that more exciting.  Or insane.  It was certainly one or the other.  I wasn’t worried about the time in the parks because I know my children’s vacation preferences very well.  There was no danger of an I-don’t-want-to-go-on-that-ride meltdown or a “You want me to eat WHAT?” showdown.  My concern was in the getting there and the getting home.

The plan?  Me. A five year old. A seven year old. And lots of Rayovac rechargeable batteries.

This is a great way to get through a flight delay:

The truth is, while some moms may use the airsick bags to make puppets for an on board puppet show or use the flight from home to Walt Disney World to teach their children their multiplication tables, I knew that I was getting on a plane with two young children while at the end of my rope.  This was not the time to get creative. This was the time to get through.  That meant electronics, and lots of them, which meant using AA batteries while in the car, at the airport, on the plane, waiting for the shuttle, riding on the shuttle, and yes, even during the occasional downtime when Mickey became a bit too much.

Knowing that I could pop the rechargeable batteries into the charger while we were in the parks and not worry about running out of batteries when I needed them fit perfectly into my de-stressing, run-away-from-home trip, and it also meant that I didn’t need to pack a lot of disposable batteries, weighing down my backpack.

This is what it looks like when you’re not worrying:

I am a Rayovac sponsored Blogger.  As part of this program I have received product and monetary compensation.  All opinions and crazy stress are my own.  And yes, those incredibly fun children are also mine 🙂



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  • i love you just went for it, a great memory for you and your kids i’m sure!

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