The Long Road Home

When you grow up in rural Pennsylvania, there are certain things that you simply take for granted.

No matter which direction you look, you can see a mountain.

Even the hottest summer days will usually give up to a cool evening.

Driving on a Sunday always involves patience and horses with buggies.

Football season begins with shorts and ends with winter coats, hats, and gloves.

The Mighty Susquehanna separates us from them.

Fall means apple cider and patchwork quilts. Night means millions of visible stars.

And the road home is typically windy and long…


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  • I went to Pennsylvania for the first time last month and I loved it out there, especially the mountains. I miss the mountains so much. Love that shot of all the sunflowers, so pretty.

  • Perfect description! I’m from rural PA, too. 🙂

  • beautiful photos – and I’m from PA so I love this. xo

  • Love this! I’m in PA although Philly area and you have to go a little farther west to see some pretty scenery like the ones you are showing here:)

  • So many of those things apply here in Michigan too. But the pictures… so beautiful! Nothing like that here that I can recall!

  • Wow, wonderful photos! I’m from the South so some of that sounds familiar but much of it does not. 😉

    Love those sunflowers – WOW!!

  • Janet

    Oh, my goodness. I haven’t been in Pennsylvania in years. After reading your words & viewing the photos, I wish I could take a quick trip there right now. ~Sigh~

  • These photos are gorgeous. My father used to drive my and my sister through PA countryside on weekends once in a while, this brings back a lot of great memories.

  • I have never been, but can picture each moment… and the pictures are gorgeous. In love with the sunflowers!