The J Word

From time to time here on Resourceful Mommy I blog about my faith. I tried to start a site called Living Font, where bloggers who are Christians but are not “Christian bloggers” could come to write about their personal journeys, but like lots of my enthusiastic ideas, it never got off the ground.  It turns out that all bloggers – despite their religion – are busy, and one more thing to do is still one more thing to do.  So instead I began blogging Living Font posts right here, often on Sundays.  The truth is that if it didn’t feel phenomenally rude, I would live blog right there from the pew on Sunday morning because I am blessed enough to have found a pastor whose sermons move me to reflect and engage with the Word and want to share those thoughts with the world.  As it is, I wait until I get home, and sometimes those reflections make it to this site.  Sometimes they get lost in a load of laundry, never to return.

But the times that I have written about my faith, you may have noticed that I have not focused on someone in particular.


He is there in the posts.  I checked.  He’s talking to Simon.  He’s visiting Mary and Martha.  But in many of my posts He’s overshadowed by God or even sometimes the third branch of the Trinity, the Holy Ghost.  Avoiding the J word allows everyone in the room to be a bit more comfortable because as a society we have allowed Him to represent exclusivity, judgement, and hate when in reality and in my life He instead embodies…

Love and Grace without exception.

Here is the truth.  I believe that Jesus is the Lord my Savior.  I believe that He died on the cross and that He rose again.  I believe that it is only through His grace and suffering that I am saved and will have eternal life.

I don’t know the logistics.  I don’t care to know them, nor do I think they are for me to know.  I choose instead to have faith, to love all people, to rely not on myself but on the power of prayer, to try to live the life intended for me, to fail often because I am fallible, and to continue on each time…

…confident that I will fail again.

Convinced that I will get back up and keep trying anyway.




Today I learned that in May I will be joining Compassion International – who has been a part of my family’s lives for a couple of years now – on a trip to Tanzania.  This blog is where I write about the products that make my life easier, the trips that make my life more enjoyable, the giveaways that make my life exciting, but it is also where I write about me.  The good, the bad, the secular, the religious – all of it.  I will be going to Tanzania  – as Compassion’s tagline says – in Jesus’ name.

I hope that you will join me with open minds and hearts as I blog about my experiences there and the work that Compassion is doing to change lives.  We might all be a little uncomfortable.  But I’ve shared so much of my life with you already, I want you there, as well.

“Whoever receives a child in My name, receives Me.”  Matthew 18:5



Written by: Amy

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